Introducing the Georgia LibertyCast

Atlanta, GA – The Libertarian Party of Georgia (LPofGA) is proud to announce the kickoff of a brand new podcast, the Georgia LibertyCast! The podcast will feature topics focused on local issues, the 2018 Libertarian candidates, and activity within the party! We’re hoping it’s a beneficial way to draw in new activists and show what libertarians are really all about.

The first episode aired on April 2, 2018 and featured host, Brent Hilburn, LPofGA Executive Committee member, Ted Metz, LPofGA Chair and Gubernatorial candidate, and Tim Smith, LPofGA Public Policy Director and Executive Committee member. The topic of discussion was how each of the members discovered their path to libertarianism. The second episode aired on April 11, 2018 and was a review certain bills put before the 2018 Georgia legislative session. Host Brent Hilburn discusses the details and ramifications of each proposal with LP Georgia Vice Chair Ryan Graham and LP Georgia Public Policy Director Tim Smith. The Georgia LibertyCast can be accessed via the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s website at:

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