Hunter Hill Strong Contrast To Casey Cagle on NRA/Delta Fight

Atlanta, GA – This morning, conservative Army Ranger and candidate for governor, Hunter Hill, released the following statement on Casey Cagle’s flip flop and abuse of power regarding the NRA/Delta fight:

“I disagree with Casey Cagle on two fronts regarding the Delta tax break.

First, the Delta tax break is bad policy – before, during, and after this issue with the NRA. Lt. Governor Cagle thinks it’s a good idea to give big corporations fuel tax breaks when just a few years ago he led the charge to raise taxes at the pump on hardworking Georgia families. This is the perfect example of a career politician who campaigns like Ronald Reagan, but governs like Barack Obama.

Secondly, while I disagree with Delta’s ill advised decision to remove discounts for NRA members, I also disagree with Casey Cagle using this issue to punish a private company. I am an NRA member and the strongest supporter of the 2nd Amendment in the race, but Cagle’s abuse of power and political grandstanding is no better than extortion. Career politicians like Cagle using their position to punish – or benefit – private companies is wrong. We cannot allow our elected officials to dangle tax breaks over the heads of corporations to get their way. Runaway big government creates an unstable economy for business in our state.

I’m running for governor to create a fair and predictable environment for ALL businesses through a limited, focused government that delivers results for taxpayers. We don’t help Georgia reach its full potential by playing political games with Georgians’ tax dollars.

Let’s retire career politician Casey Cagle this May.”

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