Trail of Tears Meeting in Canton, GA

The September 9, 2017 meeting of the Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association (GA TOTA) will be held at 10:30 am at the Sequoyah Regional Library in Canton, GA. Our speaker will be Michael Hitt and the topic will be “Cherokee Lands Along the Chattahoochee”.  Mr. Hitt is a former law enforcement officer and currently serves as historian for the Roswell Preservation Commission. He offers historical tours of the Roswell area. In addition to his research into Native American sites in the Roswell area, he is an avid Civil War history buff.

The Sequoyah Regional Library is located at 116 Brown Industrial Parkway in Canton, GA. The telephone number of the library is 770-479-3090.

The Trail of Tears Association was created to support the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail established by an act of Congress in 1987. The TOTA is dedicated to identifying and preserving sites associated with the removal of Native Americans from the Southeast. The Association consists of nine state chapters representing the nine states that the Cherokee and other tribes traveled through on their way to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma).

Our meetings are free and open to the public. You need not have Native American ancestry to attend our meetings, just an interest and desire to learn more about this fascinating and tragic period in our country’s history. For more information about the TOTA, visit the National TOTA website at  and the Georgia Chapter website at For further information about the September meeting, contact Tony Harris at

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