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North Georgia Juried Show at The Bowen

The Bowen Center for the Arts hosted their Awards Reception for their North Georgia Juried Show November 10th. This exhibit features over 80 works by 45 regional artists and photographers from all over Georgia, with almost all works for sale.

This year’s Jury panel consisted of artist members of the Bowen Board – Jeanne Tompkins, Fred Pember, Vin Filosi, Dub Anderson, Kathy Pate and Shirley Hawkins.

In the Arts awards category, Best of Show went to Ken Selzer of Clarkesville, Merit Award to Fred Dorr of Big Canoe and Honorable Award to Barbara Edwards of Jasper. Honorable Mentions went to Sara Lindkrantz of Big Canoe, Irene Klangos of Suches, Karen Sturm of Jefferson, Brenda Esposito of Suches and Ken Selzer of Clarkesville.

For Photography awards, Best of Show went to David Ferguson of Canton, Merit Award to Jack Anthony of Dahlonega, and Honorable Award to Karen Cannon of Auburn. Honorable Mentions went to Tom Reed of Dawsonville, Jo West of Dawsonville, David Goodspeed of Blue Ridge, Tom Chapman of Lawrenceville and Louisa Finley of Loganville.

The Bowen wishes to thank these participating artists who contributed their time and talent to produce such fine artwork. The Bowen also wishes to thank the army of Bowen Judges who viewed this enormous show, and to thank all those incredible volunteers who made it work.

This beautiful exhibit of talent continues through Friday, December 15, 2017.

The Bowen Center for the Arts is located just North of Dawsonville’s Historic Square at 334 Highway 9 North. Admission is free.  Hours are Tuesday to Friday 10 to 4, Saturday Noon to 4.

This is a FREE event and exhibit and runs until December 15th.

TDS Begins Next Step in Broadband Improvement Project in Pickens, Dawson and Cherokee Counties

TDS Telecom (TDS®) technicians and network engineers are working now to install the core equipment necessary to improve broadband speeds and bring new services to Nelson and Big Canoe and in portions of Pickens, Dawson and Cherokee counties.

TDS begins next step in broadband improvement project in Pickens, Dawson and Cherokee counties

TDS anticipates engineering and construction work to be completed by mid-December. TDS is working to have equipment installs completed by the end of February.  Once all the equipment is installed, TDS will begin migrating customers to the new equipment.  If all goes as scheduled TDS expects customer migration to be completed by the end of June. Once complete, the broadband improvement project will impact thousands of locations in the area.  (map attached)

“Work is moving forward and customers should start seeing improvements in their internet service in spring,” said Tom McCabe, manager State Government Affairs at TDS. “Phase II is then expected to be complete by fall of 2018.”

This past spring, TDS began engineering and design work to improve their network in the area. Customers will see improved speeds during the first phase of the project and then even greater speeds and new products when Phase II of the project is fully complete.

In January, TDS accepted funding from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reach residents in some of the hardest to serve areas in Georgia. The funding is being used to maintain a voice and broadband network as well as building out to 838 locations. Hundreds of additional customers near the network upgrade areas are expected to receive improved service from this network upgrade project.

Georgia residents can visit the TDS website to find out how this federal program may impact their location.

Depending on location, most TDS customers in eligible rural areas will receive broadband speeds of 25Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload (25/3). Under the agreement with the FCC, the remaining customers will receive broadband service at lower speeds of 10/1 and 4/1Mbps.

TDS has been doing business in Georgia since 1989 and owns four telephone companies in the state. TDS employs about 50 people in Georgia.

Traffic Pattern Changes to Transform Intersection in Dawson County

On Thursday, October 12, 2017 a temporary detour for the roundabout project at the intersection of State Route 53 (SR 53) and State Route 183 (SR 183) in Dawson County will shift traffic. This shift will alter the current configuration of the intersection which is a Y-intersection, to a T-intersection.

Roundabout project at the intersection of State Route 53 (SR 53) and State Route 183 (SR 183) in Dawson County

Drivers should be advised of the following changes during this temporary phase:

  • Traffic traveling eastbound on SR 53 will now stop and turn right to continue on SR 53, whereas in the past, they continued moving straight ahead.
  • Similarly, if this traffic is heading onto SR 183 northbound, will now stop and turn left at the new intersection.
  • Traffic heading westbound on SR 53 will now have to turn left onto the temporary road to continue on SR 53.  If this westbound traffic is heading onto SR 183 northbound, they will continue straight as before.
  • Traffic flowing SR 183 southbound to SR 53 eastbound will not have as stop sign as before.
  • Traffic moving SR 183 southbound to SR 53 westbound will have to slow and turn right on to temporary road.  Previously, they had a stop sign.

There will be lighted message boards and signage at the intersection notifying drivers of these changes. The speed limit has been reduced to 45 mph for safety.

For more information about roundabouts and their operation visit: